How to Choose the Best Small Bathroom Layouts

Small bathroom layouts are very important to have if you need to remodel or build a small bathroom in your dwelling place. Bathroom as one of the most important rooms of a house needs to be the greatest place for having relaxation and having private activities, away from the world for a moment no matter how small or large it is. When building or remodeling a small bathroom, the layout needed should be examined well in order to have the best one for you. You know that it is not that easy to arrange bathroom fixtures in a small bathroom. A layout that is planned well will create a great small bathroom. The tips below about how to choose the best layout for your bathroom can be taken into consideration.


Small Bathroom Layouts with Metal Shower Head


small bathroom layouts for small on a budget

Tips to choose the best small bathroom layouts

  • Think about who will use the small bathroom. Are children with assistance needs going to use the bathroom? Is the bathroom for people who have to go to the office or schools early in the morning?
  • Think about activities that will be done in the small bathroom and what fixtures and tools will be needed, what items needed to be stored including the storage.
  • Think about the size of the bathtub, types of shower, the size of the sink and closet, the size and type of storage, etc.
  • Think about the walls where you will place the plumbing and electrical system. For the new bathroom, you will be easy to choose the simple plumbing fixture, and if we remodel it, just avoid rerouting electrical lines and plumbing.


Small bathroom layouts with marble


nice small bathroom layouts with tub and toilet

The most popular layout that fit best with a small bathroom is the one without tub. It consists of only one sink and one shower, and a toilet. The small bathroom special for guest is called three quarter bath that is without toilet and bath tub. The one called full bath that is good for any size of bathroom and possible to use by children and adults. The tub is located on the wall and the door for a small bathroom is supposed to be a sliding door that makes the toilet be hidden. This kind of bathroom also is available for a sink or vanity. These two layouts for small bathroom can be the best choice for your small bathroom.

small bathroom layouts with purple wall


nice small bathroom layouts with abundant white floor


Small bathroom layouts with brown colour

What do you think? Now you know that it is not that easy to remodel or build a small bathroom, right? It is hoped that the article about small bathroom layouts can give you inspiration.

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