Mid Century Modern Living Room Inspire Your Decorating Adventures

If you worried that your old home would go out of style, you could now stop worrying, just stay put and prepare yourself to read a brilliant solution that hopefully will inspire you to make your own mid-century architectural home dream. Because a mid century modern living room has got it all, just like a Walt Disney characters created by Frank Thomas that is warm, friendly, and adorable.


mid century modern eclectic living room with brown sofa and tape recorder

Easy Ways To Add A Mid Century Modern Style To Your Home

And we’ve got ten easy ways to help you make the dream of your mid century modern living room comes true. Let’s go check it out!

1. Bring wood back

Clean lines and contemporary of oak, teak, walnut, and rosewood are the keys to mid century modern styles.

2. Consider a remodel

Hire an architect designer to help with some remodeling such as adding a mirror on one wall of your living room or to your kitchen backsplash, or eliminating walls to get an open and airy floor plan with the combination of a massive floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace centered in the middle of your room.


mid century modern living room chairs with white color

3. Do your lights right

Contemporary, bold lighting is a must-have accessory to travel back in time in this artistic era.

4. Furnishing

Time to treasure hunting! Rummage around for unique old furniture with clean lines, bold graphic fabrics, mid-century legs, and lastly just think like there isn’t a box. For example, mid century modern sofa like Jonathan Adler’s Lampert sofa or West Elm’s Crosby Sofa, etc.

pictures of mid century modern living rooms with fireplace


Mid century modern apartment living room with open that window

5. Include a bar

A built-in or a bar cart filled with the martini, vintage glasses, and a cocktail shaker is a perfect accessory in every mid century modern home.

6. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Place a mirror like a sunburst mirror correctly to get the airy feeling, and make space look bigger, and highlight a backyard by reflecting light into a room or putting it in the opposite window.

mid century modern living room tables with blue sofa and round table


mid century modern living room colors with yellow sofa and round table

7. Modern kitchen

Mid century modern kitchen movement was meant to be the wave of modern and futuristic. Replace the normal dining chair with mid century modern dining chair such as Charles and Ray Eams’s Molded Plastic Side Chair, or Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7 Chairs, etc., curved and ornate cabinet with plain wood, and keep the lines clean and uncluttered.

8. White paint

White wall’s color will show-off a high-quality contemporary furnishings in the center stage.

9. Small details make a big difference

Add simple accessories that make a bold statement. Don’t clutter your walls with a bunch of cheap knick-knacks.


mid century modern living room ideas with tv for small space

10. Wallpaper

If you dare, try some permanent, or higher-end wallpapers in graphic patterns.

That’s all the suggestion. Remember, think like there isn’t a box so you can explore your mid century modern home that you dream!

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